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Year 3 Orienteering Event

On the afternoon of Monday 24th April Year 3s took part in an orienteering festival at Wyvern St Edmunds school. Unfortunately due to the weather the event was moved into the sports hall but a great time was had by all. As part of the event the children took part in a range of orienteering activities, Florence and Ted from Year 3 take up the story ...


We took part in different map reading activities; for one we had a map with different coloured cones on and each cone had a different number on, by following the map we had to find different totals. We also played a country game, where we had to remember to find the names of different countries on cards in the correct order. The last game was a matching game where we had to match map symbols and record our answers on a lined piece of paper. All of us had a really fun time at the orienteering event.