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End of Key Stage 2 Assessments

What are the End of Key Stage 2 assessments?


All children are assessed during the last term of year 6; for 2024, this is in the week beginning 13th May.


• The aim of the tests is to establish whether pupils are working at an expected level or a higher level in English and maths for the end of primary school and the start of secondary school. Secondary schools use this as their measure for target setting GCSEs and to offer support as needed.

• The results of the tests do not tell us how accomplished children are in other areas, such as sport, music or art.

• Pupils sit six different tests in three subject areas: maths, English reading and English grammar, spelling and punctuation. • English writing judgements are made by the pupils’ teachers through teacher assessment, based on evidence of independent writing gathered over the course of year 6. This teacher assessment judgement is moderated across schools within Wiltshire.


The timetable for the tests is as follows:


  • Monday 13th May: English grammar, punctuation and spelling (GPS) papers 1 (questions) and 2 (spelling)
  • Tuesday14th May: English reading paper
  • Wednesday 15th May: mathematics papers 1 (arithmetic) and 2 (reasoning)
  • Thursday 16th May: mathematics paper 3 (reasoning)

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