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Whiteparish All Saints Church

Owls' Class visited Church to find out why crosses are so important to Christians. First they searched for crosses in the church and then Reverend Jane told the story of Easter and answered the children's questions. This experience really helped the children to realise why Christians believe Jesus is so special as well.

Marwell Zoo

Owls' Class visited Marwell Zoo to find out more for the enquiry, "How can we look after animals?" They enjoyed looking at all the animals, found out that there are different species of Zebra (with different stripes), and learnt that different animals live in hot and cold places and have special features to help them live in their homes. The story of "Sally's Journey" taught them how frogs have webbed feet to help them swim, rats can eat all sorts of things (but other animals, like stick insects, can't), camels live in sandy deserts, store fat in their humps, have long eye lashes and can shut their noses to keep out the sand, and that stick insects have claws on their 6 feet, and a body like bark to help them climb and hide in the rainforest. The class even got to look closely and, if they wanted, to touch a real stick insect!

Over the course of the day, the class were scientists, geographers, athletes and mathematicians - what a busy day!