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Personal and social development

Pupil's broader development - Godly Play


At Whiteparish All Saints, we teach a broad and ambitious enquiry-based curriculum, which not only covers national curriculum learning objectives, but also provides for pupils’ broader development. Children are given opportunities to 'Shine Their Light', in whichever area of the curriculum they excel, and are also taught skills which they will apply all through their lives such as how to present, discuss and evaluate ideas in a respectful and effective manner. This enables them to be proud of what they have achieved so far as well as being confident, resilient, and independent. Our curriculum is based around meaningful experiences, trips and visitors, providing an engaging context on which to underpin the national curriculum objectives.


As a Church of England primary school, we have a distinctive Christian ethos which permeates through everything we do. We have close links with All Saints Church in the village, and the vicar – Reverend Jane Dunlop – supports the children on their spiritual journey, through storytelling and Godly Play all the way to the collective worship group and key church services across the year.  Our school values of kindness, hope and perseverance run as a golden thread through everything we do, to instill and embed these qualities into the characters of the children that come to Whiteparish.

Oracy topics linked to current affairs


We feel that it is important for our pupils to recognise their place in the world and the impact they can make by the time they leave us. We provide this with a progression throughout the curriculum starting looking in at themselves and widening to understand others they know, the school and then wider community and finally the world. This is embedded within our enquiries and enhanced through Worship themes, Religious Education, PSHE and RSE education, and Oracy topics liked to current news events. This prepares the children for life in modern Britain effectively, developing their understanding of the fundamental British values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs. Focusing on the states of being in the different subject areas helps the children have a deeper understanding of what possible future careers they may wish to pursue.


Our behaviour management strategies are based on positivity and understanding of the individuals. As part of our restorative practice, we guide the children to resolve incidents with understanding and mutual respect.

Opportunities for collaborative work across the curriculum


Our PSHE and RE curriculum teach the children to be responsible, respectful, active citizens through meaningful tasks, discussions and stories. These sessions also provide children with an awareness of, and protection from, radicalisation and extremist views. The children are given opportunities to take on responsibilities within the school, whether that is being given small jobs to do for the class teacher, representing their class in the school council, being a play-leader or team captain in year 6. Within the community we have links with the church play group for our reception children and the children in upper key stage 2 have a rota to visit, talk to and play games with the elderly in a local nursing home.

Playing games at a local nursing home


As a key proponent of the local village community, we are very lucky to be able to build strong positive relationships with our children and their families, working together to provide a friendly and supportive partnership to provide the best for the children. Our science, PE, PSHE and RSE curriculums ensure that the children know how to eat healthily, maintain an active lifestyle and keep physically and mentally healthy, with an age-appropriate understanding of healthy relationships and of the protected characteristics. This is further enhanced through our aim to provide every child, including those with SEND, in the school with opportunities to represent the school at sporting events and experience tuition from a professional musician. As part of our assessment process, we are always looking out, not only for how we can scaffold learning for those that are finding it more challenging, but also for how we can celebrate and provide extra challenge for those with particular talents and interests.

Children from across the school have the opportunity to represent the school at external sporting events