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Whiteparish All Saints Uniform Information


School uniform is a way to help all children appear smart and ready to learn, but it also builds a sense of togetherness and belonging. A sense of community is important to us at Whiteparish. For these reasons please ensure that your child is in full school uniform each and everyday. If you have any problems with providing your child with the correct uniform then please pop into the school office and we will be ready and willing to help. 

Everyday Uniform


  • Grey or navy trousers or shorts, with dark blue, black or grey socks
  • Grey or navy pinafore dress or skirt with white, navy or grey socks or tights
  • Blue checked gingham dresses can be worn in the summer
  • White school shirt or white polo shirt with or without school logo
  • Navy sweatshirt, jumper or cardigan with or without school logo
  • Black or navy shoes of a sensible style for school. Sandals may be worn in the summer, they should have a strap and support at the back (therefore flipflops are not acceptable footwear). 
  • Wellington boots should not be worn as regular indoor footwear, but children are of course welcome to bring a pair of wellington boots for outside activities during the winter months.

Optional Extras


You may wish to purchase a navy fleece or coat with the school logo on, to add a little extra to the look of the school uniform. These items are not part of the required uniform, but please do of course make sure that your child attends school with a coat which is suitable for the time of year.

PE Kit and Sportswear


Children should have the following kit with them on PE days.


  • Navy shorts
  • Navy t-shirt or polo shirt with or without school logo
  • Trainers (no plimsolls please as the children are barefoot in the hall)
  • Spare socks if your child is wearing tights
  • A named bag for their PE kit
  • If your child has pierced ears, you must provide tape to cover their earrings if they are unable to remove the earrings themselves.


Optional for outdoor games and recommended in cold weather


  • Navy hoodie with or without school logo
  • Dark jogging bottoms

Optional Extras


We suggest that each child should have a named book bag, school bag and PE bag.

Supplier Details


To order school uniform with the Whiteparish Logo please visit Direct4logos in Romsey tel: 01794 511550


Or order online at:




Please make sure that all your child's items are claerly named, if your child loses any uniform and it is named, it can be easily returned, but if it is not named this can prove a lot more difficult!


Lets work together to keep the children of Whiteparish looking smart and ready to learn.